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Panties with a Purpose

EBY (Empowered by You) is an

e-commerce & subscription intimates company where I am much more than a designer. I've taken on Facebook ads, Youtube channels, email marketing and more. The bold vision and mission for the company has allowed me to push my practice further than ever before.

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Facebook & Youtube Ads

As digital marketing demands high volumes of content, I took on the role of editor and some times videographer for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads. All these videos are edited for conversion as well as done in 3 different aspect ratios per concept to get the most organic feel.

Email & SMS Marketing

Every month, EBY creates new colors and products. I create 13-16 email campaigns a month, including creating artwork, gifs and general concepts. I plan strategy and merchandising in tandem with the Head of Product and CEO. The first month I had full control over strategy, design and schedule, email revenue increased by 43% in one month (more stats upon request). Below is just a small sample of the wide breath of email designs:

Along with the emails, there are SMS campaigns for customers who want to see things first. For those, I create gifs and static images that got along with the email. I strive to have the content riff on the email, so the message feels exclusive yet cohesive. There was a similar increase to SMS revenue from month to month.