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Affordable Luxury

I was fortune to join Mayvenn at a time of growth and change within the company. I was able to aid in massive marketing shifts as well as project manage product launches along side product designers and developers.

Facebook & Youtube Ads

As I joined Mayvenn, we had just added brick and mortar stores across Texas. The melding of the online and retail store buiness came down to video ads as well as in-store visuals. The goal was to communicate that Mayvenn was anywhere you needed it to be. I also worked closely with our influencer manager to get high quality UGC to promote online and retail.

With the rising success of TikTok and Reels, I managed a massive project of UGC stylist videos to promote our products' versatility. This project included managing about 150 unique content creators as well as creating a streamline system to produce high quantities of content. These lead to a direct increase in sales as our brand ambassadors posted the videos weekly. Some are shown below.