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Torico Ice Cream

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New Menu, New Look 

During my time at Torico Ice Cream, I was both a cake designer and marketing coordinator. With such a small team and little resources, I was forced to exercise my creative thinking in order to compete with the food-Instagram world of the NYC area.

The team and I re-designed the cake menu, created an online ordering system, and created a successful Instagram presence!

If I had a new product idea the cake design, photography, print and web design fell to me.

Our team went through the UX of order a cake - from the kinds of images worked best all the way down to how filling options should be displayed. For reach unique menu item, I designed allergen icons.


What could make a wedding day better? Ice cream cake! The head decorator had a great vision for building her wedding portion of the business. As an unconventional option for someone's big day, she wanted to show just how an ice cream wedding cake would make the day that much better.

I worked to make the best look book with only iPhone photos and a laptop between cake decorating. All the illustration and lay out are done by myself. 

The head decorator and I personally reached out to our past brides to get the most heartfelt action photos as well as testimonies about our cakes. Once completed, we left a copy out in the front of the shop for all patrons on their post dinner ice cream trip. It was a true joy to see former brides come in, and show all their friends that, "they made it into the Torico wedding book!"


Food and social media go hand and hand - so we needed to up our Insta-game. Hwoever, with a small team in a small business, you have to get creative. As we designed new cakes, we needed new ways to photograph them. Below are my photos - all done in a small window sill with nothing but iPhone portrait mode and dollar tree props!

Before Instagram Re-haul

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